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Salt Therapy, Reiki & Infrared Sauna Myrtle Beach

Salt Room

Salt Therapy

Personalized treatment in our
Salt Chamber for adults and children

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Infrared Sauna

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy and Sound Wave Therapy

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Art of Body Healing.
Relax with healing hands

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Regressive Hypnotherapy

Regressive Hypnotherapy

Resolving past events interfering with a person’s present wellness.

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Personal Safety First

We use UV-C light (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) to maintain sterile environments both in our Salt Chamber and Infrared Sauna.
After each session, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

For hygienic, health and privacy reasons your sessions are always Private.

Learn about Halotherapy, Reiki and Infrared Sauna

About Our Unique Salt Chamber

Try the Most Effective Salt Therapy in Our Optimized Salt Chamber!

  •  Relax in zero gravity chairs in your privacy. We never jeopardize our clients’ well-being by exposing them to unknown dangers while caring for their own health. Never sit with strangers. This is extremely important when treating Cystic Fibroses related lung issues.
    We customize and monitor the amount of salt dispensed into the room based on the client’s needs.
    The room is set for two persons but can accommodate up to 4.
  • The temperature in our salt chamber is optimized. Inside the temperature is slightly elevated to make the therapy more effective. The slightly higher temperature helps the pores and the respiratory system to open. This leads to better absorption and thus more effective treatment. It is not a cold room to save the salt décor from dissolving. We have designed our room for maximum efficiency. Not for visual pleasure.
  • Salt therapy is ideal and potent for both children and adults. Children with asthma, allergies and other respiratory related issues are especially responsive.
  • We are the only one in the area using the latest innovation in salt therapy, the SanaSalRX High Potency pharmaceutical salt blend. Even after the first session you will feel significantly better. This cannot be typically stated when using traditional pure pharma salt.
  • During the time of your relaxing session you can enjoy and take advantage of the new and popular Chromotherapy that is included in every session.
  • Listen to relaxing music provided by our audio system that is uniquely incorporated into our chamber to make use of low frequency sound waves for your benefit.
  • Hygienic environment.
    This specially designed Halotherapy chamber is free of any decorations or loose salt that collects dust, human hair, skin flakes and other potentially unwanted particles that you would not want to expose your lungs to while deeply breathing during your salt therapy session.

    Myrtle Beach Salt Cave

3-in-1 Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
  • Our spa grade sauna blends the optimal wavelengths–Near, Mid, and Far–to achieve specific results.
  • Chromotherapy – included. Can be personalized to your needs.
  • Sound Wave Therapy – Included.
  • Ultra Low EMF Technology.
  • Hypoallergenic wood cabin.


  • Detoxification
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Custom
  • Relaxation
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pain Relief
  • And many more….

What is Reiki?
Is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. It was discovered by Mikao Usui. The word Reiki come from Japanese Kanji.  Kanji are Ideograms used in the written language of Japan, the word Reiki is represented by two Knaji , Rei and ki in which Rei can be interpreted as Universal, meaning that it is everywhere is a spiritual realm, spiritual consciousness, the Universal mind, God, the Supreme Being.  The word Ki means the same as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian; science calls it biofield energy so Ki is the life energy. Reiki is administered by “laying on hands” and techniques such as this have been practiced for thousands of years. Reiki is a special kind of ki, it is Ki that is guided by spiritual consciousness, and is defined as spiritually guided life energy.

How does the Reiki Mechanism Work?
We are alive because life energy or Ki is flowing through us. Ki flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras, meridians, and nadis and can also be present and pass directly through the organs and tissues of the body. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. When the flow of healthy Ki is disrupted, it causes diminished functioning with one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body. Therefore, it is the disruption in the flow of healthy Ki that is the main cause of illness. One of the most commons reasons for disruption and diminishment of the Ki is when negative thoughts become lodged in the subconscious mind, they create a permanent disruption in the flow of healthy ki. This happens when we either consciously or unconsciously accept negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, then it is when Ki become byokiorunhealthy Ki diminishing the vital function of the physical body and unless the blockage is released, a person could eventually become ill. When a person receives a Reiki session, the Rei or spiritually conscious part of the energy assesses where the person has byoky and then directs the healing energy, usually to the byoki that is nearest the hands.  Reiki raises the vibratory level in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached.

What Can Be Treated?
Reiki is both powerful and gentle, in its long history of use it has aided in helping with every known illness and injuries including psychic attacks, life threatening problems like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer as well as skin problems, cuts, bruises, broken bones, headaches, cold, flu, sore throat, sunburn, fatigue, insomnia, and impotence. Reiki works in harmony with all other kinds of treatments including medical and psychological care. In fact, Reiki is offered as part of regular patient care in over 800 hospitals across the U.S. including being given in operating rooms and intensive care units. Reiki has also been used in conjunction with psychotherapy to improve the healing of emotional trauma and other issues. Its psychological benefits can include improved memory and greater self-confidence. Consequently, Reiki healing is a gentle, holistic therapy that does not have negative side effects.

Does the Reiki Therapy involve any side effects?
People that receive Reiki therapy feel uplifted and relaxed after a Reiki session, some individuals might experience a “healing crisis”. When an individual’s vibration heightens, the toxins stored in the body are released into the blood stream, filtered by the kidneys and liver, and removed from the system. As a result, an individual may feel weak, or experience a stomach ache, or a headache. Practitioners recommend that the client experiencing these minor side effects drink more water, get more rest, and eat lighter meals. A huge part of the Reiki therapy is cleansing the body

What is Regressive Hypnotherapy?
Etymological definition of the word hypnosis:
The words hypnotism and hypnosis are cultism’s formed on the basis of the verb ὑπνοῦν (hypnon = sleep, dream). Hypnotism carries the suffix -ismo that indicates quality and hypnosis takes the root, -osis, which refers to a disease. But back to the main idea, Hypnosis, is an induced mental state, very similar to sleep, by which the hypnotist can give instructions so that the mind of the hypnotized go to memories of the near or distant past and in that way, find out things that affect you, such as fears, phobias, eliminate pathogenic addictions or pain, etc. Then hypnosis sometimes called hypnotic regression is often used, with the name of regressive hypnotherapy.

What is regressive hypnotherapy and what is it for?
Although hypnosis is as old as man, is still causing amazement and fear because it means facing the barrier between the known and the unknown, I would say known by word because the term is familiar to us through the media, books, newspapers, videos etc. Usually the unknown gives us fear and this is one of the areas that we have to deal with in particular.
Let’s start by saying that unfortunately for some people it is nothing more than a technique with which you manage to take over the minds of others to put them at your service, which is out of reality. It is easier to harm someone in a common conversation, that having that subject in a Hypnotic state, if we approach hypnosis with some common sense and a clear positive intention, it is not possible to do any harm, quite the contrary Hypnosis is used in hundreds of treatments with incredible results. In fact, Hypnosis is really just a way of amplifying the experience through the unconscious of the subject, making it more powerful and intense in the trance state in which it is.
Although this state of Hypnotic trance or alteration of consciousness, etc. … It may seem strange to us all, at some point we have been prey to it, for example: When we were stupefied watching TV, playing video games, with the apps of the mobile and even sure that it will have happened to you once you get in the car you set your focus on some thought and without even realizing you arrive at your home, without even wanting to remember where you came from or how you’ve done. After all this, there is no doubt that Hypnosis is not a danger at all, as long as the minimum precautionary measures are taken, and it is carried out by a person with experience and knowledge about it.

What are the steps to follow in Hypnotherapy?
The first session of Hypnotherapy is always different from the following because it is necessary to gather the necessary information to understand the client’s case. Once this first step is completed, we proceed to Hypnotherapy itself, which consists of the following stages or states:
1. State of Relaxation. In this state of relaxation, the subconscious part of the mind is in the best disposition to respond.
2. Induction state.
it is the process performed by the Hypnotherapist to establish the state or conditions required for trance induction to occur.
3. trance state:
In this waking state the person is able to pursue and realize an objective, or to respond selectively by following the instructions of the person who has induced the trance objective. Trance states can occur involuntarily and without being seen.
4. Awakening:
In this step, the person is brought back to the here and now, helping them to return in full light, peace, love and harmony.

Can hypnotherapy bring back repressed memories?
Memory and Hypnosis. … Many people, both clients and therapists, believe that memory works like a video camera, recording everything that happens to us. They may also believe that forgotten or repressed memories can be unlocked by a technique such as hypnosis.

How does hypnotherapy really work?
The person induced to hypnosis is not sleeping or unconscious, just the opposite. Hypnosis (most of the time induced by the verbal guidance of a hypnotherapist, and not a pocket watch) creates a hyper-attentive and hypersensitive mental state, in which the subconscious mind of the subject is very open to suggestions. As a general response to the hypnosis technique, it usually gives the benefit of relaxation, which can be used as an effective antagonistic strategy to anxiety reactions that are commonly seen in a wide range of psychological problems.

Does hypnotherapy relax?
Although hypnosis is not a proper relaxation technique, it is true that in every hypnotic process the induced refers to the end of the session as a sensation of relaxation, regardless of how active he was or the topic that was treated in the session. Hypnotherapy is not a technique in which the person remains passive and it is the therapist who does and undoes, simply, the induced is always carried away consciously and with full volitional faculty. That is, he will have the ability to choose what he wants or does not want to say or do.

How many hypnotherapy sessions are necessary?
The number of sessions necessary to resolve a deep conflict of the soul will always depend on oneself, the severity of the conflict and other current, attitudinal and environmental aspects of the person. It takes a certain time to assimilate what is experienced in the first regression. There is no need to hurry to make a second. Knowing how to digest not only intellectually, but emotionally and experientially what one feels, sees and experiences in the first regression is necessary before continuing to advance in the therapy.

Can a person be forced to do something they do not want under Hypnosis?
Definitely not. It is not possible to force the person under hypnosis to do something that goes against their will or their principles.

Hypnotherapy works on a physical level or only works on a psychological level?
It works wonderfully in both cases, both physically and psychologically.
The limits of Hypnotherapy are quite difficult to find because what today seemed to be a limit tomorrow is discovered that there was a way to overcome it. In other words, the power of Hypnotherapy reaches as far as the power of the mind comes and who knows the limits of the power of the mind?

What is Salt Therapy?

Halotherapy aka. Salt Therapy is an exposure to kinetically activated dry salt where the micro sized particles are being inhaled while the large salt particles are spread on the top of the skin. Since dry salt is antibacterial and super absorbent it actively kills bacteria and reduces the inflammation in the respiratory system and widens the airways for better breathing.

What does Salt Therapy Help?

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Bronchitis

  • COPD

  • Cold/Flu

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Dermatitis

  • Ear Infections

  • Emphysema

  • Rhinitis (Hay Fever)

  • Sinus Infections

  • Sinusitis

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Couple in Salt Room



Sauna Chromotherapy


Awesome Experience!

5.0 rating
February 25, 2020

I moved here 5 months ago from Las Vegas where Reiki was very important in my life. So happy to have been guided to Adrianna. I had an excellent private session and am so relieved to have found a practitioner who is so gifted! Can’t wait for my next session!


Response from Salt Therapy Myrtle Beach

Thank you Marsi!

Reiki and Hot Flashes

5.0 rating
November 26, 2019

Reiki was new to me and was I skeptical about trying it? Yes, but I tried it because I was to a point of no return with “Hot Flashes”. I had tried so many over the counter meds, herbs and oils nothing worked for me. Then I went to GONZA and talked to the lady that worked there her name is Addrianna, she explained so much to me about ” REIKI ” and I was nervous but I made a appointment for a couple days later and tried it out. During the next week the hot flashes I experienced we’re not as severe. So I already had a appointment for the following week and tried it again. Another week passed and another REIKI session and I was starting to feel so much better. I just want to thank Addrianna for all her care and skills she is Amazing. She has made the Quality of my life so much better. Other aches and pains are gone now and I feel human again. Thank you Gonza (Andrianna)

Sherri Cain

Great experience!

5.0 rating
January 19, 2019

This was my first time experiencing salt therapy and I loved it. I will definitely be back!


Murrells Inlets Best kept my secret

5.0 rating
December 12, 2018

I’ve been to some of THE MOST AESTHETICALLY Pleasing Salt Caves in the Northeast, West
However, my experience today was Amazing!
It was Clean, Private, Relaxing, Comfortable!
Adriana is a Blast and quite informative!
I look forward to my next Salt Therapy and Infrared Session
Thanks for a great experience!!


Helped me!

5.0 rating
October 26, 2018

I had a wheez and deep chest cough so I thought I would give this a try. After one session it took away the wheez and broke up the congestion in my chest. I will definitely do this on a regular basis.


Response from Salt Therapy Myrtle Beach

Thank you Russel and hope to see you again!

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